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Piper and Gus's litter

(photos of parents coming soon)


Total pups: 9 

Male: 5    |    Female: 4

Birthdate: Nov 25, 2019

Ready for new home: Jan 20, 2020


Sad Puppy :(

Sorry to make you wait....

but there are currently no Goldendoodle puppies available at this time. However, we are expecting a litter due during the first week of January, as well as a second litter to arrive in late February. 

Mocha and Ringo's litter


 Photos were taken on 5/21/2020



Total pups: 4 

Females: 3   |    Males: 1

Birthdate: April 10, 2020

Ready for new home: June 5, 2020

JoJo and Ringo's litter


 Photos were taken on 7/16/2020



Total pups: 3 

Females: 2  |    Males: 1

Birthdate: May 30, 2020

Ready for new home: July 25, 2020


JoJo's upcoming litter

This is JoJo, she is a blue merle Mini Australian Shepherd with light blue eyes. The bottom picture shows her new litter of Mini Aussiedoodles that were born on May 20th!! Our red Toy Poodle Ringo is the sire of these pups. There are 2 females and 1 male in this litter. All are mostly black in color with a white patch under their necks. One does have some tan color on it as well. If you're interested in one of these puppies, go to the CONTACT US page and find out how to inquire details about them. 

Sheena and Hunter's litter

Updated photos were taken 2/18/2020



Total pups: 11 

Females: 4    |    Males: 7

Birthdate: Dec 25, 2019

Ready for new homes: Feb 19, 2020

Sadie and Theo's 


Photos taken on 3/24/2020


Total pups: 9 

Females: 4    |    Males: 5

Birthdate: Feb 18, 2020

Ready for new home: Apr 14, 2020

These puppies have all been sold

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