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If you are interested in buying a puppy then please use the contact information below. Any questions regarding purchases, deposits, pickups/deliveries and upcoming litters can be discussed as well. 

Contact: Bill Mathias

Phone: 330-691-0650



Customers are always welcome to pick up their new puppy here at our place. In fact, we’ve had people travel from all over to come get their new pups. However, if you feel that you’re too far away to make the drive, delivery arrangements can be made by flight or vehicle for an extra cost. The delivery charge can vary depending on whether your puppy will be traveling by vehicle or plane to its new home. A puppy must hit certain criteria before being allowed to fly, such as being at least 8 weeks old and having a pre-flight exam by a veterinarian.

Have a look at the map to see how far of a drive you are from us!

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